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Who knows tomorrow this little plant may turn into a

Panjab University Memories of Chandigarh

my memories from past the best picks, these photographs were taken by phone camera so are of very low resolution.

Student center , after heavy rains

D.C.S.A. Department of Panjab University on rainy day.

garden on rainy day near administrative block

Sports ground at Panjab University

a view from my room balcony of my hostel garden

Zakir garden on way going to sector 17 , this is the view from "chooti pahari"

romancing in the woods, Zakir garden

Golden Temple & Jallian Walla bhag

Harimandir Sahib popularly known as Golden Temple also known as Swarn Mandir located at Amritsar City in India. It was made by Guru Arjan Dev ji In 1604 A.D.

This is the entrance photograph, I with my family visited on 15th July, 07 on my Dad's birthday.

Golden Temple from side view. The main temple lies at the center of the lake which is called sarowar of holly water.

Farther view

Fishes in the sarovar.

These fishes knew i was standing there so gathered at that location .

The "beri" a very old tree more then 100 years...

Photograph taken from behind the temple.

Standing same place, just did zoom from camera.
Read more about Golden temple here on wikipedia

Next we went to Jallian walla bhag (bhag is a word of Punjabi language which in english means garden.)

the Punjabis gathered in Amritsar 's Jallian wala Bagh on April 13,1919 as part of Sikh festival “BAISAKHI” The people were peacefully listening to testimony of victims when General Dyer appeared with a contingent of British troops. Giving no words of warning More...

Atlast, here is the green view of Jallian wala bhag.

while going from Ambala to New Delhi by train

These are the photographs I took sitting in the train window seat, while i was going from Ambala to New Delhi.

I just cant resist the nature beauty...

And I love The Greens.

Its not any jungle , just a land near the agricultural farm.

I love this picture...

are these banana trees ?

Green lands...This is the biggest of all trees in the area & its standing alone.

My guess is that this is the perfect window scene captured.

Road Crossing on rail tracks.

lol this is the room of railway employee who open or closes the road crossing while the train comes . but i guess now a days its automatic coz while my train came it closed by itself .

walking through Phillaur woods